Carpet Cleaning

When your carpet looks or smell bad, it makes your entire house unwelcoming. The team of IICRC trained technicians at FLOOR PRO are trained to diagnose and treat all different types of carpet to ensure you are getting the best service that fits your budget and is safe for your family. We use “green” cleaning solutions specially formulated to thoroughly penetrate all carpet fibers, breaking down stains and odors in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

We employ a powerful jet extraction system to gently, but effectively, remove any stains from wine, juice, chocolate, and even pet stains. Our system also removes allergens and dust from your carpets which could be making your or your family sick!

When we’re done, we’ll help replace your furnishings in their previous locations, dispose of dirty water in a sanitary manner and clean up after ourselves.

Carpet Results

Before - Dirty hardwood floor
Result of hardwood floor cleaning
Before doing carpet cleaning - Floor Pro Quality Cleaning Lexington SC
Result of carpet cleaning - Floor Pro Quality Cleaning Lexington SC