Bring value to your home or business by having your hardwood floors professionally refinished by FLOOR PRO! Properties with refinished hardwoods sell an average 3-5% more, are ranked in the top five projects that attract buyers, and over 54% of people will pay more for homes or businesses that have hardwood floors. Refinished floors are a solid choice to protect the investment of your property and make your floors look great again!

At FLOOR PRO, we offer everything from professional cleaning of hardwoods to screening and recoating, sanding and refinishing, or installation and repairs.

Are your floors worn out without any finish left or have major scratches? Sanding & Refinishing can make your floors look amazing again and restore the natural beauty to your floors! Our three-step process starts by sanding hardwoods back to the raw, unfinished wood. We then apply color and sheen and follow it up with three layers of polyurethane to give your floors a polished look that looks amazing! This project has incredible results and is a great investment to increase the value of your property.

Have your hardwood floors lost their luster and shine? Do they have scratches from furniture and pets but are overall in good condition? Our screening and recoating services are great options to make them shine again! We start by taking off all the dirt and build-up and then clean it with a neutral cleaner and re-coat the floors with a polyurethane-based product. This is a great cost-effective solution to return your floors to their natural beauty again.

Hardwood Floor CleaningHardwood floors can have build-up over time due to the acrylic-based products purchased at your local grocery or home improvement stores. This build-up can lead to scratches, streaks, haziness and even a color change in hardwood floors over time. We can eliminate these issues by professionally cleaning your hardwood floors and making them look beautiful again.

The experts at FLOOR PRO have built a reputation on making hardwood floors look amazing. Our cleaning process is more than just running a mop over your floor. Our proven system has been trusted by people all over South Carolina time and time again.

Damage hardwood floor - Air Duct - Floor Pro Quality Cleaning Lexington SC
Result of living room after cleaning - Floor Pro Carpet Cleaners Lexington SC

Repairing hardwood floors is an option if there’s more damage than a simple refinishing project can handle. Our experts have the skills to be able to remove the damaged portion of flooring, replace it with new floor panels, and finish it to blend perfectly with the rest of the area. Your guests won’t notice a difference with the expert touch FLOOR PRO offers.

Sometimes refinishing hardwood floors isn’t enough. Sometimes replacing your hardwood floors is required. The experts at FLOOR PRO can handle any job, big or small, to restore your home to new. Whether it’s the entire house or just one room, our professionals can install your new hardwood flooring to give you a beautiful and unified look throughout your home.