FLOOR PRO has the expertise and equipment to provide commercial clients with all of their facility maintenance needs. In the fast-paced business world, the last thing you need to be concerned about is the cleanliness of your facility. A clean building is the first thing people see when they enter an office. They will judge your company or organization based on how well it looks. Commercial cleaning isn’t a one size fits all model. Every business, large and small, has its own complex cleaning and facility maintenance needs.

We offer a variety of services for commercial cleaning clients. Contact us today to schedule your next commercial cleaning service!

Proper tile cleaning can be a challenge for business owners. Every company knows that merely mopping tile and vinyl floors don’t do much to improve their appearance because deep-down grime and gunk accumulate gradually, making it impossible to obtain the bright clean flooring that everybody wants.

FLOOR PRO also offers a variety of grout sealing services that protect the tiles from the harmful effects of soil penetration. These services help prevent the spread of dirt and other harmful substances on the floor.

With over 15 years of experience, FLOOR PRO has the tools and expertise to keep your tile and grout looking new. Contact us today to see how we can make your office sparkle. 

When your office carpet looks or smells bad, your whole business does too. We strive to be cleaners that can be trusted to recognize the different demands of our customers and to provide the friendliest, most efficient cleaning service possible. The team of skilled technicians at FLOOR PRO are IICRC trained and certified to handle the job the right way the first time.

We have extensive experience in residential carpet cleaning and want to help keep your business looking great too! Regular vacuuming is essential to keeping floors looking great but sometimes you need an expert to make sure everything is up to par.

store with dirty floor
store with shiny floor

Specialty floor cleaning can be a challenge for business owners and mopping can only do so much after years of wear and tear from excessive foot traffic, spilled food and drinks, and other factors. The experts at FLOOR PRO have the skills to return your specialty flooring to new through years of experience dealing with situations like yours.

If your floors are an eyesore, we have a solution to bring them back to looking as good as new. Deep down grime and gunk that have accumulated over the years are hard to remove with over-the-counter cleaning supplies. A deep cleaning that FLOOR PRO provides is safe and effective and doesn’t damage the floors like cleaning chemicals you buy from a store. Trust the experts at FLOOR PRO to help return the floors in your business to new.

Dirty Sofa chair - Dirty white color
Sofa chair - Dirty white color

The world we live in is becoming more expensive every day, including the furniture in your office. Your furniture is one of the costliest items in your business and it’s important to keep them looking their best to preserve their life and make your space more appealing to yourself and your guests. Our eco-friendly upholstery cleaning process can prolong the life and appearance of your furnishings.

The friendly and professional cleaning crews from FLOOR PRO are highly trained in manufacturer’s recommendations for upholstery cleaning and warranty requirements, covering almost all fabric types, including silks, synthetic blends, cottons, velvets, leather and suede.

Our commercial restoration services are extensive. When your business has been damaged by water, fire, smoke (or something else), it’s crucial to get things returned to normal as soon as possible so you can get back to work. We offer water extraction, drying and dehumidification, mold removal, and cleanup.

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